The spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on our daily lives has generated anxiety, panic and suffering in many different forms. As the virus continues to spread globally, government authorities and society in general are taking measures to decrease the potential devastating effects of the virus. The Christian must embrace the measures being taken with zeal and responsibility.

In addition to the important government and societal efforts being taken, I would like to remind you of measures which we as believers can take:

Trust and rest in the Lord. Psalm 25 begins by stating that our trust is in the Lord (v.2) and concludes with a request, that He free us from all troubles (v.22). Days of crisis present themselves as an opportune scenario to reaffirm in whom we believe and how much we believe. Whether in the face of a destructive illness or any other clashes of life, our trust is in Him who reigns. He is the only shelter that does not crumble in the face of storms, wars and pestilence. And He invites us to believe enough to rest – even in the day of adversity. Trust and rest in the Lord! He is your shelter and peace.

Keep your heart teachable. Psalm 86 is a prayer of the “poor and needy” (v.1) written for “when I am in distress” (v.7). In the face of such a scenario, the psalmist asks: “teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness (v.11). Even in the midst of anguish, God teaches us about his ways and his truth. Moments of crisis should lead us to reflection, prayer and learning. We must ask: What does He want to teach us? God has the infinite capacity to deal with all scenarios and events – and even in the most unlikely ones – He brings light and teaching.

Promote fellowship. Churches are not defined by their church buildings and locations, but by their fellowship, love and worship. In Acts 2 we read that “all the believers were together and had everything in common” (v.44), to the point where they sold their properties and shared them with the neediest (v.45). That was possible because “all the believers were one in heart and mind” (4:32). In these days of isolation, the closed doors of churches must not prevent the fellowship of God’s people. Pray for one another, care for one another and communicate with each other! Call, send messages, participate in online groups, and stay connected to your local worship services online. The fellowship among believers is unstoppable because it is the result of grace and the will of God.

Carry out the mission of God. In Acts 8, we see that the church did not pause its mission during the great persecution. On the contrary, even though they were scattered, they preached the Word everywhere. In moments of uncertainty God raises a faithful church. In days of suffering God strengthens his church for his mission.

If prevented from leaving home, become more active on social networks, promoting the Word – spreading hope to the downhearted, joy to the depressed, encouragement to the frightened; and reminding everyone that the true, singular and eternal redemption and salvation is found in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone.

If confined to your home, take the opportunity to catch up with the family. Pray together, read the Word, discuss that great book you’ve been wanting to read and watch that must-see movie. Have an intentional attitude to be salt that is a seasoning of love and to be light that shines Christ brightly for all those around you to see.

Get involved with the persecuted church and the unevangelized world. Learn more. Pray more. Innovate, using your gifts and the opportunities that come to your hands so that others can see the absolute, eternal and amazing intervention of God, already revealed in Jesus Christ. For those involved in global missions, it is time to move forward, not backward; to find new ways to embrace those who are afflicted and share the gospel. God's grace is never less than the challenge faced.

Sow abundantly, for you do not know which seeds will germinate! When possible, spread the gospel on the internet, interject your convictions and faith into conversations, invite others to listen to your pastor's online sermons, live a life compatible with your faith, love so much that you engage with those who are suffering, and witness to the nations about the final and eternal answer for a broken world: Jesus Christ.

Ronaldo Lidorio