• Promoting missiological information and reflection about God’s mission and God’s church.
  • The Gospel calls us to be humble, but bold; kind, but intentional; presenting the grace and also the justice of God.

Ronaldo Lidorio is a Brazilian Presbyterian pastor, theologian and anthropologist, member of the Brazilian Presbyterian Mission Board (APMT) and WEC International, serving as cross-cultural missionary since 1993. He worked in Ghana among the Konkomba Limonkpeln people for 9 years with church planting and Bible translation and since 2002 he is part of a team of church planters among unreached people groups in the Amazon. Director for missiology and church planting of WEC International, Ronaldo founded the Antropos Institute (research among UPGs in South America) and he is a visitant professor (PhD in Theology by SATS and PhD in Anthropology by RLU) of Missiology and Church planting in the CFM (Brazil), LBC (USA) and MTC (USA). Married with Rossana, they have two kids, Vivianne and RJ, and they live in the Amazon.